Thursday, 27 November 2008

BFL. For freakin sure.

Its BFL tonight. Here looky. I know these update posts are a bit boring and I have a ton of photos to share of Spindlefrog fibre spun up that I promise to show very soon. Now if I could just locate a time machine Id be all set :0)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Can you guess? Yep its an update!

Bad blogger again :0( Ive missed a couple of updates what with being busy and well, rubbish really. But anyways...update YAY! This is corriedale in all its loveliness. The two on the bottom (centre and left) are named Bella and Edward because I am a bit daft/obsessed/influenced with the Twilight Series at the moment :0) You know when I said busy well what I meant was busy reading. Ive had a four day reading marathon and got through all four books. Couldn't put them down but now they are happily forever after in their little vampire world I can get on with my own life :0) You should read them but you should give over a couple of days.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Drum roll please...its another update!

Another double update post because I didn't do it yesterday (and Ive missed one out entirely tut tut).
Above we have some corriedale and some falkland (you know how I love that fibre) and below that's lovely lovely wensleydale. I adore the long wools so I'm a happy spinner tonight.

Tomorrow I will be updating a totally Brand new spanking fibre for the shop that is amazingly all ready to go. Its dyed and dried and labeled and photographed and EVERYTHING. All it needs is to be uploaded. I'm feeling super organised today but of course that wont last long. Not days or hours but usually minutes before the wheels start coming off the wagon. I'm basking in it now though.
All this dyeing is a bit of a trial run for something I will reveal soon (if it comes off--fingers crossed).

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Monday, 3 November 2008

Just a tease

Here we have the Devinne Luxury Spinners Sets. Oh me oh, oh my oh! these are lovely, soft, squidgy, pretty and every other good fibre related word. They were a trial run for the shop and have now already gone to their new homes but there will be more. Oh yes.
Just for future information they are made up of over an ounce of cashmere, baby alpaca, kid mohair, mulberry silk, angora and baby camel again dyed in coordinating colours just like the original Spinners Sets (which there will also be more of in the run up to Christmas). I see a sampler shawl for these but cant wait to see what other folks make with them.