Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Swoon for the Swallowtail.

Ive gone all weak at the knees......Just LOOK at this shawl. Isn't it the prettiest darn thing you've ever seen? I myself am quite taken with it for sure.
And the beads...I'm going to use this photo as my wallpaper (for the computer but if I could find away to make it into proper wallpaper well I would).
Now this should be the part where I tell you it was a pleasure to knit and how long it took me and what needles and all that. But I cant. Because its not mine :0(
Its the very clever Kates (Pie on Ravelry) who has been kind enough to let me steal the photos but not nearly kind enough to give me the fibre back. Have a look on her projects page because there are some fantastic shawls on there. A very talented knitter and spinner for sure. Kate spun this from two similar Spindlefrog fibres, Dragonfly and Petrol Spill and plied them together.
Thank you Kate for letting me use the photos but remember I have your address...mwhaaa ;0)

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blackmustard said...

This is stunning. It must be so cool to see your dyed fiber turn into such a beautiful finished piece. Great job all around :)