Friday, 31 October 2008

Soft soft soft....ohhhhh

Soft soft soft just like the the title of this post says. In this update we have some brightly coloured corriedale that have been dyed with fireworks in mind. I love this time of the year but my doggies dont :0( As Bonfire Night gets closer and more fireworks go off I end up with three, very beautiful but not small, border collies sitting on my knee all at once. Its quite a sight how they all fit on.
We also have some oatmeal BFL too. Now this is the bees knees. It is incredibly soft. I want to build a big nest of it and stay wrapped up until spring. I don't keep much back just for me because I would end up buried in fibre but this stuff...oh...ahhh I've got some for me. I'm thinking a Koolhas hat. Hand spun and cables is there anything better?


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Yummy! Your fibers are beautiful.

Ulli said...

yay, can't wait for bfl to arrive!