Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A Goldfish does magic.

A huge thank you for Karen (Goldfishgirl on Ravelry) for letting me post these photos of some Spindlefrog alpaca. I love these photos for many reasons. Firstly just look at the spinning!!!! Its soooo fine and so even (my spindling attempts look horrific in comparison). Truely a work of art of a fine craftsman. You should really check out her blog for more amazing spinning, updates from her wonderful shop (home of the most beautiful resin spindles and stunning fibre) and the bestest photos of her horses including the most handsome foal ever who is getting a pedicure today www.twofishandachick.blogspot.com.
The other reason why I love this photo is beacause it is the VERY first fibre I ever sold on Etsy. Karen was my first customer and got the ball rolling for Spindlefrog and for that I will be eterinaly grateful. Not only did she make the purchase but also posted about it on Ravelry which Im sure helped the second and thrid sale and all the others following that.
So thank you Karen :0)

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goldfishgirl said...

Aw, you're making me blush :) It was a tough call, deciding whether to tell the world about your wonderful fibres, I wanted them all for myself! I'm glad I did though, now there's more for everyone, and a whole lot more happy spinners, well done Jooles! :)