Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Allotment. All spun up pretty.

Wow would you take a moment to look at that! Isn't it just the loveliest spinning ever, so fine and so even. Im in awe.
Unfortuantely its not mine but the lovely Helen (Brightsider on Ravelry and flickr) who has very kindly said I could post the photo. It will grow up to become socks and the pattern is already picked out so I cant wait to see them, I bet they will be georgous.
The fibre is Spindlefrog BFL in the colourway Allotment and now I really wish I could have it back (spun up of course because I couldnt do such a fantastic job). Thank you so much Helen for letting me post the photo.
I have completed the dyeing for Socktopus but it hasn't been posted yet. When I said Tuesday well, that was a pipe dream. It was never going to happen. It was a nice idea and a worthy goal but just not humanly possible. You see when I placed the order for the fibre I bought the normal regular stuff and forgot to buy the instant drying version. Doh! Tomorrow though, thats the day. Just you wait and see. I will try and get a sneaky photo of it all before I pack it up and send it on its way for its big London adventure.
Today I have been carding up some batts. I have made one for my "offical press photogrpher" Karen (Goldfishgirl) for a little swap we are doing and I have to say its come out very nice indeed. Ive also got a few to list on Etsy tomorrow as well.
Tomorrow Im going to be dyeing for a fibre set to put up in the shop. Ive got 5 differint fibres (not the usual BFL, merino etc but some more unusual or undervalued ones) and when they are dyed I will sell them as a spinners set. I know we all like to stretch out horizons and try new things so I thought this would be cool. The fibres are texel, cheviot, devon, grey suffolk and grey jacobs. I think they will be a fun little set and intresting to spin.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Spindlefrog goes to London.

Boy do I have some exciting news. About a week ago I got a message in my Ravelry mail from Alice of Socktopus asking would I be interested in them selling some of my rovings/tops. Would I ever! Ive been bouncing around ever since even when Ive been dyeing (which is messy enough without that). I'm really thrilled to be asked especially as Ive always loved Socktopus and the range of really cool stuff it sells. The fibre is heading down with Socktopus for this years Knitting and Stitching show in Ally Pally and it will be sitting there right next to some really big fibre names like Pigeonroof Studios, Spunk, Brooklyn Handspun and others and there will be Spindlefrog Fibres too!!!! I wont be going as I'm away at the time but Goldfishgirl from Ravelry is and has kindly said she will take some photos for me. I cant wait to see them and I will post them on the blog if I can.
So Ive been in dyeing overload the last few days. Ive got half of the order ready, a quarter to braid and label and a bit still to dye. I want to post it by Tuesday so that's my goal. The fibres that haven't made it into the box for the trip to London will be getting listed in the shop (www.spindlefrog.etsy.com) over the next few days and up above that is the first batch of rejects (he he he). How mean is that? They are perfect rovings in their own right but just haven't been selected. Failures if you like so perhaps you might want to give them a loving home where they can live in peace and love and you could bring out the best in them by spinning them up into a fantastic yarn. Help them forget their past.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Welcome to the Spindlefrog blog.

Hi welcome to the blog that is all about Spindlefrog fibre.

Here I will post shop update for http://www.spindlefrog.etsy.com/ and all Spindlefrog news and events. I promise to blog on a regular basis and keep this up to date (fingers crossed).

I would love to be able to post photos of Spindlefrog yarns that have been spun up so if you have a photo that you wouldn't mind me sticking on here please let me know.

To start off with here is a photo of the latest update. It has some gotland (the fibre used for the cloaks in LOTRs), some lovely shetland and some superwash merino and nylon 70/30%blend that I have called "Sockie Spins" because I reckon it would be excellent for....yup socks.