Thursday, 27 November 2008

BFL. For freakin sure.

Its BFL tonight. Here looky. I know these update posts are a bit boring and I have a ton of photos to share of Spindlefrog fibre spun up that I promise to show very soon. Now if I could just locate a time machine Id be all set :0)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Can you guess? Yep its an update!

Bad blogger again :0( Ive missed a couple of updates what with being busy and well, rubbish really. But anyways...update YAY! This is corriedale in all its loveliness. The two on the bottom (centre and left) are named Bella and Edward because I am a bit daft/obsessed/influenced with the Twilight Series at the moment :0) You know when I said busy well what I meant was busy reading. Ive had a four day reading marathon and got through all four books. Couldn't put them down but now they are happily forever after in their little vampire world I can get on with my own life :0) You should read them but you should give over a couple of days.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Drum roll please...its another update!

Another double update post because I didn't do it yesterday (and Ive missed one out entirely tut tut).
Above we have some corriedale and some falkland (you know how I love that fibre) and below that's lovely lovely wensleydale. I adore the long wools so I'm a happy spinner tonight.

Tomorrow I will be updating a totally Brand new spanking fibre for the shop that is amazingly all ready to go. Its dyed and dried and labeled and photographed and EVERYTHING. All it needs is to be uploaded. I'm feeling super organised today but of course that wont last long. Not days or hours but usually minutes before the wheels start coming off the wagon. I'm basking in it now though.
All this dyeing is a bit of a trial run for something I will reveal soon (if it comes off--fingers crossed).

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Monday, 3 November 2008

Just a tease

Here we have the Devinne Luxury Spinners Sets. Oh me oh, oh my oh! these are lovely, soft, squidgy, pretty and every other good fibre related word. They were a trial run for the shop and have now already gone to their new homes but there will be more. Oh yes.
Just for future information they are made up of over an ounce of cashmere, baby alpaca, kid mohair, mulberry silk, angora and baby camel again dyed in coordinating colours just like the original Spinners Sets (which there will also be more of in the run up to Christmas). I see a sampler shawl for these but cant wait to see what other folks make with them.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Soft soft soft....ohhhhh

Soft soft soft just like the the title of this post says. In this update we have some brightly coloured corriedale that have been dyed with fireworks in mind. I love this time of the year but my doggies dont :0( As Bonfire Night gets closer and more fireworks go off I end up with three, very beautiful but not small, border collies sitting on my knee all at once. Its quite a sight how they all fit on.
We also have some oatmeal BFL too. Now this is the bees knees. It is incredibly soft. I want to build a big nest of it and stay wrapped up until spring. I don't keep much back just for me because I would end up buried in fibre but this stuff...oh...ahhh I've got some for me. I'm thinking a Koolhas hat. Hand spun and cables is there anything better?

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A little late...

Its a photo filled post because I didnt post about the previous two updates so Im catching up now. Bad Blogger :0(
We have shetland......
We have falkland.......
And we have Spinners Sets........ (crowd goes wild).
Me well Im a falkland girl through and through and have kept one of the braids to spin myself. Its in the plie and on the list so keep posted because I will be posting a photo in about....say maybe.......5 years from now. Yes my spinning list is that big and Im a slow spinner. Well thats not technically true because I get alot faster when the internet concetion fails. Wonder if the two are related?....hmmmmmmm

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Multi Coloured Hands.

Ive been dyeing up like a mad thing in the last few days. For some reason Ive got ants in my pants and a bee in my bonnet and a...err.... chameleon in my eyes. This is the BFL that's gone up tonight but Ive got Falkland drying and Shetland ready for rinsing and the fibres for more Spinners Sets ready to go for tomorrow. So can you guess what colour my hands are?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Swoon for the Swallowtail.

Ive gone all weak at the knees......Just LOOK at this shawl. Isn't it the prettiest darn thing you've ever seen? I myself am quite taken with it for sure.
And the beads...I'm going to use this photo as my wallpaper (for the computer but if I could find away to make it into proper wallpaper well I would).
Now this should be the part where I tell you it was a pleasure to knit and how long it took me and what needles and all that. But I cant. Because its not mine :0(
Its the very clever Kates (Pie on Ravelry) who has been kind enough to let me steal the photos but not nearly kind enough to give me the fibre back. Have a look on her projects page because there are some fantastic shawls on there. A very talented knitter and spinner for sure. Kate spun this from two similar Spindlefrog fibres, Dragonfly and Petrol Spill and plied them together.
Thank you Kate for letting me use the photos but remember I have your address...mwhaaa ;0)

Monday, 20 October 2008

A Good Education.

Tonight I will be updating the shop ( with these. They are The college Collection of Shetland fibre. There's Harvad-blues, Trinity- greens, Cambridge- oranges and Oxford- reds. Ive spun up some Harvard for myself and have knitted one sock out of it so far (really must finish spinning the rest of the braid) and its looking very nice even if I say so my self :0)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Falkland Update.

Borring title but I hope the fibres arent borring. This is falkland which I know Ive said before but will say again...I love it. It takes the dyes great and looks good, feels wonderful and spins like a dream. What more could you ask? Clever little sheep :0)

Spindles forever.

When I first got my wheel I really thought I had put the world of spindles behind me. Never no more to spin in this way. Oh how wrong I was. In the last few weeks I find myself looking at spindles all the freakin time and its only the worry of spending every penny I have that stops me buying them all. Every wood, every weight, every maker. I want them all.
These though are the very beginning of my spindle collection. Two beautiful resin spindles from and two slightly heavier wood spindles from Im spinning up some very fine baby camel and silk on the resin one, green corriedale on the yew one and BFL on the purpleheart one (all dyed for Spindlefrog but didn't make it to the shop). And I'm loving it. It is slow but sooooo much fun.
There are more on the way too!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Barcelona and Home.

This update is corriedale and BFL. I really like some of these fibres and have plans for a few if they dont sell. That is once I get the trillon gillon works in projects of the bobbins and spindles. Yes I did say spindles...I have a new addiction. Ill post a photo of my small but growing collection tomorrow. More are on the way as we speak :0)
The top photo, the BFL, has some fibres named in honor of the recent trip to Barcelona. The colours reminded me of the work of Gaudi. Oh what a beautiful city.....sigh.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Right there next to the big boys!

Behold! Lookie! See there! Yep that's Spindlefrog fibre (circled) on the Socktopus stand at this years Ally Pally. Right next to Pigeonroof Studio and Chameleon Colourworks. How exciting :0)
I want to say thanks to everyone who has posted such lovely feedback about the event and the fibres debut both on the blog and on Ravelrys UK Spinners board. It really does mean a lot to me :0)
And again another huge thank you to Karen, my first customer, official press photographer, greatest swapper and friend for letting me "steal " this photo!

A Goldfish does magic.

A huge thank you for Karen (Goldfishgirl on Ravelry) for letting me post these photos of some Spindlefrog alpaca. I love these photos for many reasons. Firstly just look at the spinning!!!! Its soooo fine and so even (my spindling attempts look horrific in comparison). Truely a work of art of a fine craftsman. You should really check out her blog for more amazing spinning, updates from her wonderful shop (home of the most beautiful resin spindles and stunning fibre) and the bestest photos of her horses including the most handsome foal ever who is getting a pedicure today
The other reason why I love this photo is beacause it is the VERY first fibre I ever sold on Etsy. Karen was my first customer and got the ball rolling for Spindlefrog and for that I will be eterinaly grateful. Not only did she make the purchase but also posted about it on Ravelry which Im sure helped the second and thrid sale and all the others following that.
So thank you Karen :0)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Spinners Sets.

Tonights update is the Spinners Sets. Six differint fibres in matching colourways.

My what BEAUTIFUL spinning!

Cor Blimmey! Just look at that. Im in serious yarn lust. This is some amazing spinning of Spindlefrogs Magic Potion : Freindship BFL Roving by the super talented Naomi (knottynaomi on Ravelry). I can feel how squishy it is through the screen and just look at the wonder of the two ply...Im speachless.
Thank you so much Naomi for letting me post the photo. Now I think I need a lie down as Im overcome with ... can I say jealousy? He he he ;0)

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Allotment. All spun up pretty.

Wow would you take a moment to look at that! Isn't it just the loveliest spinning ever, so fine and so even. Im in awe.
Unfortuantely its not mine but the lovely Helen (Brightsider on Ravelry and flickr) who has very kindly said I could post the photo. It will grow up to become socks and the pattern is already picked out so I cant wait to see them, I bet they will be georgous.
The fibre is Spindlefrog BFL in the colourway Allotment and now I really wish I could have it back (spun up of course because I couldnt do such a fantastic job). Thank you so much Helen for letting me post the photo.
I have completed the dyeing for Socktopus but it hasn't been posted yet. When I said Tuesday well, that was a pipe dream. It was never going to happen. It was a nice idea and a worthy goal but just not humanly possible. You see when I placed the order for the fibre I bought the normal regular stuff and forgot to buy the instant drying version. Doh! Tomorrow though, thats the day. Just you wait and see. I will try and get a sneaky photo of it all before I pack it up and send it on its way for its big London adventure.
Today I have been carding up some batts. I have made one for my "offical press photogrpher" Karen (Goldfishgirl) for a little swap we are doing and I have to say its come out very nice indeed. Ive also got a few to list on Etsy tomorrow as well.
Tomorrow Im going to be dyeing for a fibre set to put up in the shop. Ive got 5 differint fibres (not the usual BFL, merino etc but some more unusual or undervalued ones) and when they are dyed I will sell them as a spinners set. I know we all like to stretch out horizons and try new things so I thought this would be cool. The fibres are texel, cheviot, devon, grey suffolk and grey jacobs. I think they will be a fun little set and intresting to spin.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Spindlefrog goes to London.

Boy do I have some exciting news. About a week ago I got a message in my Ravelry mail from Alice of Socktopus asking would I be interested in them selling some of my rovings/tops. Would I ever! Ive been bouncing around ever since even when Ive been dyeing (which is messy enough without that). I'm really thrilled to be asked especially as Ive always loved Socktopus and the range of really cool stuff it sells. The fibre is heading down with Socktopus for this years Knitting and Stitching show in Ally Pally and it will be sitting there right next to some really big fibre names like Pigeonroof Studios, Spunk, Brooklyn Handspun and others and there will be Spindlefrog Fibres too!!!! I wont be going as I'm away at the time but Goldfishgirl from Ravelry is and has kindly said she will take some photos for me. I cant wait to see them and I will post them on the blog if I can.
So Ive been in dyeing overload the last few days. Ive got half of the order ready, a quarter to braid and label and a bit still to dye. I want to post it by Tuesday so that's my goal. The fibres that haven't made it into the box for the trip to London will be getting listed in the shop ( over the next few days and up above that is the first batch of rejects (he he he). How mean is that? They are perfect rovings in their own right but just haven't been selected. Failures if you like so perhaps you might want to give them a loving home where they can live in peace and love and you could bring out the best in them by spinning them up into a fantastic yarn. Help them forget their past.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Welcome to the Spindlefrog blog.

Hi welcome to the blog that is all about Spindlefrog fibre.

Here I will post shop update for and all Spindlefrog news and events. I promise to blog on a regular basis and keep this up to date (fingers crossed).

I would love to be able to post photos of Spindlefrog yarns that have been spun up so if you have a photo that you wouldn't mind me sticking on here please let me know.

To start off with here is a photo of the latest update. It has some gotland (the fibre used for the cloaks in LOTRs), some lovely shetland and some superwash merino and nylon 70/30%blend that I have called "Sockie Spins" because I reckon it would be excellent for....yup socks.